Payment via Litecoin

The service of transferring Litecoin to the sellers accepting WML is provided by the Guarantor of L-type purses – INDX Transactions LTD.

The terms of service provided by the Guarantor are set forth in the Offer (Agreement on Property Rights Keeping) and accepted by system participants upon registration of an L-purse. The exchange rate set by the Guarantor is 0.001 LTC = 1 WML.

A fixed fee of 0.3 mLTC is charged upon receipt of payment.

The Guarantor will credit WML to a merchant`s purse only after receiving from the peer-to-peer network database a minimum of 6 (six) transaction confirmations of LTC transfers made by buyers to the addresses provided by the Litecoin acceptance service.

Payments accepted only in exact LTC values transferred into Litecoin and set for payment by a seller.

All incoming transactions are checked for compliance with AML regulations to prevent use in connection with illegal activities or sanctions.

Litecoin can be received by sellers accepting WMZ. Exchange of WML for the relevant title units is made in accordance with the current exchange rate at the time of payment.

Current exchange rates for reference:

WMZ: 76.20 WMZ per 1000 WML (1 LTC)